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Show Title: Sarah Poet, M. Ed- The 3 Pillars That Guide Healing Trauma in Your Relationship

Sarah wants to connect with others in ways that allow the individual to feel resourced, empowered, and regulated in their bodies.  She has experienced the negative effects of the hyper-productive society in which we live and is very interested in helping to build resiliency in children and adults. Sarah is passionate about her work and knows there is so much for each of us to learn.  She is confident people can do anything when they feel safe, balanced, and aware.  Sarah is determined to uplift, support, and facilitate true well-being in the world.  She values feelings and intuition just as much as cognition and thoughts and appreciate the small things.  Sarah believes in loving without attachment to outcome and wants to help others feel this way too.

Fun Facts:

  • Started Embodied Breath: Resiliency Coaching for Women – the coaching model is my own design based on my own practices, mindfulness training, resiliency, trauma healing, and tools for raising awareness.
  • Writing The BirthMother Memoir
  • Been a school principal!
  • Teach kids mindfulness and love it – I’m invested in new models of holistic education.
  • Advance Reiki certified.
  • Live in Asheville NC

Show Notes:

  • How do you coach women to listen to their own emotions and intuition as navigation tools?
  • You coach women, but you also talk quite extensively about masculine/feminine balance. What do you think most women are misunderstanding about the masculine?
  • What would you advocate that we need in relationships?


Contact Information: If you would like to contact Sarah her phone number is (828) 989-8267, her E-mail is yourembodiedbreath@gmail.com, and her website is www.yourembodiedbreath.com.  If you would like to follow her here are her social media handles:

embodiedbreath on Instagram

Sarah Shoemaker on Facebook

Embodied Breath on Facebook

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