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Show Title: Radhaa Nilia – 5 Tips to Bring Sacredness to Sex

Radhaa is an intuitive teacher, international coach, healer, forward thinking leader, and speaker on feminine empowerment.  Radhaa is the creator behind the original healing modality Goddess Activations.™ This healing method is used to Awaken and Activate Goddess Codes,™ which help clear negative beliefs, blockages, and lineage wounds to awaken the feminine gifts. She stems from a direct lineage of Shamans, working with women to heal their heart and soul wounds. As the Founder of Goddess Code Academy™, a mystical school for the divine feminine, where she serves women through holistic education and empowerment. Radhaa leads online programs, international retreats, and Goddess Activations™ training. She has a deep connection Mother Gaia and nature. She thrives on creativity, art, and love for honest story-telling has led her to support others following their life path, higher purpose, and ultimate dreams.

Fun Facts:

  • Background in Film Producing
  • Was an Actress in the Phillippines in the late 90’s
  • Have been in commercials such as 7up
  • Seen a real Angel with my assistant
  • Come from a lineage of Shamans

Show Notes:

  • How do you activate sacred sex?
  • Ritual and Love
  • How do you embody more spirituality during sex?
  • Vulnerability & Authenticity

Contact Information: If you would like to contact Radhaa her E-mail is goddesscodeacademy@gmail.com and her website is www.GoddessCodeAcademy.com.  If you would like to follow her here are her social media handles:






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