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What Type of Couple Are You?

What type of couple are you?

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Do you feel emotionally supported by your partner?
Do you feel seen, valued and appreciated by your partner?
How resourced are you both in the area of communication?
Do you have a solid road map for managing conflict, disagreements or triggered moments?
When you face difficult conversations or conflict you usually…
Do you feel a more negative sentiment or positive sentiment towards your partner?
If you experience emotional intimacy or sexual blocks at times in our relationship, you feel “unsure, mostly confident or very confident” about how to navigate those conversations successfully together?
In your relationship you experience feeling…
Are your emotional and or sexual needs met as often as you desire?
Do you talk about your sexual desires/sex/flirting frequently, if not daily, and do you request what you desire often?
Have you done premarital work?
Are you a proactive couple that is intentional about the health of your relationship?
You are often in conversation about what’s working and what’s not & you are not afraid of conflict.
Is your relationship #1 and do you make growth a priority?
How comfortable or welcomed do you feel by your partner when making a request for change?
How do you feel about your sex life?
Do you get as much quality time as you desire with your partner?
When you try to connect with your partner do you feel acknowledged and welcomed?
After a period of disconnection or a busy season of life, how easily are you able to sync back into connection and love?
Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed and or disconnected from yourself or your partner?
Do you generally have a good time with your partner?
Do you consider your partner a best friend or trusted confidant?

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