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Sacred Life Partners Self-Guided Programs & Masterclasses

If you are ready to solidify your bond and build a solid foundation for healthy communication, intimacy & connection, then any of my offering will suit you. I invite you to look through my site and find the best fit for you. I look forward to working together!

Ready to grow in love and partnership?

Sacred Life Partners Community Benefits:

Learn New, Fun & Exciting Ways to Deepen Connection Overtime

Build Healthy Communication Skills so you can easily manage Life’s Stressors with more Ease, Clarity & Grace

Co-Create a Deeper, more Nuanced & Intimate Understanding of each other Multi-Generationally 

Reframe Your Beliefs & Expectations around Love & Romance

Create New Standards for Healthy Relating

Learn the 4 Control Dramas & Dial in Your Love Legacy as a Couple

Become more Emotionally Attuned & Present with both Giving and Receiving Love 

Increase Accountability Consciousness & overall Interpersonal and Relational Awareness

Break Through Blocks, Manage Emotional “Trauma Informed” Triggers & Resolve Conflict as a Team with a Step-by-Step Repair after an Argument/Disagreement Protocol

Family of Origin & In Law Enmeshment Prevention and Boundaries

Trauma Bonds & Ego Informed Projection Understanding & Integration Practices 

Honoring Yourself & Your Partner with Love & Respect

Create Daily & Weekly “Rituals of Connection” that Work for Your Lifestyle

Embrace Ego Death as a Healthy part of Marriage 

Increase Overall Positive Sentiment, Polarity & Mutual Respect

Increase Empath & Get Your Needs, Wants & Desires Met without Defensiveness or taking things Personally 

Feel Heard, Honored, Deeply Understood & Intimately Connected

Feel Energized, Supported, and Securely attached in Love

Build a culture of Growth & Evolution Over a Lifetime Together  

Learn how to Maintain a Happy, Fulfilled Long Term Passionate Partnership 

Foundational Relationship & Mindset Shifts: 

Relationship Growth Shifts:

Disrepair -> Communication Mastery

Co-Dependency -> Sovereignty

Survival -> Growth

Victim -> Accountability Consciousness

Internal Projection -> MindfulMirroring

Warring to Healing

Not Enough -> Honoring Self Fully

Blind Subconscious -> Conscious Awareness 

Resistance -> Safe Surrender

Deprivation -> Celebration Culture

Expectation -> Growth 

Destructive Masculine/Feminine -> Grace

The Old Age -> the New Age “THRIVING” Couple

Emotional Shifts:

Right vs Wrong -> Deep Understanding

Invalidation of Self -> Validation of Self & Others

​​Criticism -> Curiosity

Reactivity -> Safety

Irritation -> Empathy

Justification -> Responsibility

​Disrespect -> Respect

Repression -> Fully Embodied 

Defensiveness -> Vulnerability 

Judgement of self & partner -> Sacred Love

Distrust -> Trust

Disconnection of Self & Partner -> Connection

And More!

Self-Guided Couples Programs and Masterclasses:

Communication & Intimacy Program

This program is my grassroots program for couples who are ready to build and solidify the foundation of their relationship. I go through these exact principles in my private coaching so you will get the benefit of my work at a fraction of the cost. This is a self-paced program that is included in the Sacred Life Partners Membership, or you can purchase it separately here.


Intimacy Unhinged Masterclass

This masterclass covers: Intimacy Blocks, Self-Worth, Receiving, Over Giving, Safety, Emotional Intelligence, Trance Cycles, Multi-Generational Change, Objectification Narratives, Sexuality, Healthy Relating, Trauma Healing, Communication, Self-Sacrifice and of course Intimacy Rituals for integration. This masterclass is included with membership purchase, or you can purchase separately.


Love Legacy Masterclass

In this masterclass, I share a signature teaching that all of my private client’s receive & when applied, it’s “RELATIONSHIP” changing at the very core foundation of how you show up in your relationship. This is a true masterclass as it is a profound teaching that applies to all relationships in our lives; with your life partner, children, parents, friends, colleagues & society. When you apply what you will learn from this class, you will have the potential to create multi-generational change in all aspects of human to human relating.This masterclass is included with membership purchase, or you can purchase separately. 


Sacred Attunement Masterclass

This masterclass covers: Multi-Generational Healing, Relationship with Self & Partner, Intimacy, Communication, Sacred Sexuality, Expectations, Power Dynamics, Connection, Relationship Rituals, Trauma Informed. This masterclass is included with membership purchase, or you can purchase separately


The Resolved-Self Masterclass

This masterclass covers: Trauma, Triggers, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Management, Subconscious Tracking & Reprogramming, Trance Tracking, Awareness & Growth.  This masterclass is included with membership purchase, or you can purchase separately.


Relationship mapping masterclass

5 Stages to Conscious Relationship Mapping Masterclass

I created the 5 Stages To Conscious Relationship Mapping over my 15 years in private practice, so each stage was intentionally curated with experience, research and faster results in mindThis masterclass is included free with any masterclass or membership purchase.


Inner Vs Outer Resourcing

This masterclass covers: Self Validation & Acknowledging, Romantic Idealistic Love vs. Real Life Expectations and Standards, Inner Resourcing, Not Good Enough or Not Worthy Trigger, Inner Child Work & Awareness of Self. This mini-masterclass is included with membership purchase, or you can purchase separately.


Trauma Bonding

This masterclass covers: Trauma Bonding, Triggers, Subconscious Awareness, How Trauma Bonding Interacts in Partnership, Escalated Conflict, Emotional Suppression, Clearing Emotional Distortions in Relational Dynamic, How to Heal from Past Trauma & Renewed Intimacy. This masterclass is included with membership purchase, or you can purchase separately.


Access to all Masterclasses and Programs is included in the Sacred Life Partners Membership

"My partner and I have been seeing Dr. Eva Brown for couples program on and off for about 2 months. I cannot imagine a better guide through what started as an impossible journey for us. Dr. Eva helped us to recognize and address "old wounds" that had kept us from achieving the level of intimacy we both craved. She has helped us understand and appreciate one another on a new and healthier level, and our commitment to one another is becoming stronger as a result. My individual experience has been a significant contributor to my personal growth. We highly recommend Dr. Eva Brown to any lesbian couple, or any couple for that matter, serious about making a positive change in their relationship... it sure has in our relationship. Thank you, Dr. Eva!"

Anonymous Couple
Anonymous Couple October 20, 2017

Dr. Eva Brown is like no other. She’s extremely knowledgeable, kind, understanding, and even “cool” to work with. She knows exactly how to help struggling couples and practices what she preaches in her own marriage so she’s not just selling us BS. My husband and I are forever grateful to her.

Jill Browning November 5, 2019

"Good afternoon Dr Eva!  I just wanted to let you know we had a great / best session last night & made great progress in identifying our wrong behaviors. My hubby was really active & it was the 1st time I didn’t cry . Of course you were 100% right that we needed to get to the Defensiveness & Accountability module in the course program! We are now working on being 100/100  with less contempt from Me & less stonewalling from Him . & to hear that’s what leads to divorce the most ...clearly shows how much work we need to do. But, we are now heading in the right direction and I’m so grateful I met you & signed up for this course just in time!"  

Anonymous Couple
Anonymous Couple October 20, 2017


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