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ready to create A fully tuned in & turned on Sacred partnership?

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The Sacred Partners Membership community is pioneering a “Love Legacy Movement” where individuals & couples from around the world are creating, building and maintaining extraordinary “trauma informed, multi-generational love legacies that stand the test of time, are deeply fulfilling & devoted to love, itself.”

And you are officially INVITED!!!

Do you ever wonder… what’s the secret sauce to “cracking the code” on creating the most juicy, tuned inturned on relationship?

Let me be your guide.

Hi, my name is Dr. Eva Brown Ph.D. I have been teaching, guiding, and mentoring individuals, couples, and families in private practice for over a decade (25,000+ hours of 1 on 1 coaching). I offer much more than the basic relationship tweak, intimacy hack or communication tip, although “all of that” is part of my work, too.

My work carries extraordinary depth so the people most attracted to my work want the whole Sha-Bang when it comes to co-creating a fully tuned in and turned-on sacred partnership. My magic is making all things “healthy relating” simple, easy, and tangible to contemplate & integrate overtime. I am known for my signature methodology “Conscious Relationship Mapping™” which is woven throughout the all the offerings inside the Sacred Partners Membership.

My traditional training was completed at Nova Southeastern University where I received my master’s & Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy. I am Gottman 1 & 2 certified, and my work is both trauma and research informed. My mission is to help couples create a “Love Legacy” that they feel proud of and are empowered by every day of their lives!

Are you ready to create your “Love Legacy” so you can expand what’s possible for you when you devote yourself to love, itself?

When my husband, Paul and I got married we had no idea where to begin “growing together.” In fact, it was not even on our radar. We got married and began living the daily grind of life together.

We had no protocol, structure, or map for how to create a securely attached, emotionally intimate partnership or how to manage differences except for the ones that were modeled by our respective family systems, and they were both vastly different.

Our biggest challenge was escalating arguments, repairing after conflict and of course, communication. Also, our defensive postures, intimacy blocks and trauma informed projections did not help either!

We were the best of friends and very much in love, but deep down we knew something needed to shift in the energy of our connection, so we decided to become “radically accountable and devoted to love itself” and that decision changed our lives and our relationship, forever.

We got serious about our relationship and intentionally prioritized our love life together. This was a significant change point and we had no idea what to expect but little did we know…we were in for the most amazing, deeply reflective, ego shattering, intimate ride of our lives!

The truth is…

“Every couple I have ever worked with has their own variation of this.

Every couple experiences seasons of stress, survival and overwhelm.

And every couple has a choice to make.

A choice to grow together in love, compassion and devotion.

A choice to turn themselves all the way on IN LOVE or stay the same; sometimes to the point of feeling stuck.

I/we have done both.”

The key to maintaining emotional and sexual intimacy long term is by consistently & intentionally igniting the “Eros of Love.” This paradigm shift is a big piece of the Love Legacy pie!

my method: Conscious Relationship Mapping™


The 5 Stages to Conscious Relationship Mapping™ provides a road map for couples to understand where to begin as well as how to navigate their growth journey together. The 5 stages below will build on each other throughout the membership program & range from insight oriented shifts to embodied integrations.

Building a sacred and conscious partnership is the wellspring to living a “fully tuned in and turned on life together” & the 5 Stages to Conscious Relationship Mapping™ is the road map to help you get there with as much ease, flow & efficiency as possible.

Please note: All teachings can be applied to parenting as well, so multi-generational change is possible in this work if you are raising children/a family.

Learning how to hold love is about becoming and feeling worthy of love in the most vulnerable way – without avoiding the sticky spots.

The Sacred Partners Membership covers a wide variety of conscious communication agreements, solutions, somatic practices, sound healings, experiential exercises, intimacy rituals, and core value mindset shifts that will up level your emotional and sexual intimacy to ever-evolving heights.

A whole new horizon of love, legacy and connection awaits you inside!

Included in the Sacred Partners Membership:

ALL NEW” Masterclasses will be added year round! You will get access to everything listed on this page as well as every new masterclass I create for the entire year, so you will always have something “new” to integrate into your relationship. I created the Sacred Partners Membership to grow with you. Plus, you’ll get impromptu Q & A invitations that you can join live throughout the year! (Valued at: $6,500 for the year). 

90 Day Master Communication &  Intimacy Program with Workbook: 22 pre-recorded modules for you dive into as soon as you join. Self paced – easy access – on your own time – detailed below. (Valued at $5,000)

3 “Sound Healing” Meditations & Activities: (2+ hours) includes experiential healing rituals for heart stirring healing, connection & intimacy.  (Valued at $1,150)

Experiential Activities & Role Plays: includes Dr. Eva’s Step by Step on “How To Repair after an Argument & Request for Change” protocol. (Valued at: $1,350)

The Resolved Self Masterclass: A deep dive into “Emotional Trigger Mapping;” an immersive experience that will help you understand, track & manage emotional triggers. Immediate access. (Valued at: $350)

2-Day Sacred Attunement Masterclass – (2+ hours) focused on the emotional attunement you have with yourself & your Beloved. Deep dive into self care, emotional intelligence, trigger management, sexuality, communication and more. Immediate access. (Valued at: $900)

Dr. Eva’s Signature Masterclass on the 5 Stages to Conscious Relationship Mapping: This masterclass provides a powerful context for foundational growth in the areas of trigger management, accountability, conscious communication, emotional intimacy & sacred sexuality. Immediate access. (Valued at: $450)

Unhinged Intimacy Masterclass: This masterclass will impact every stage of your interpersonal and relationship growth from the inside out, especially as it relates to the very big and important topic of “INTIMACY.” This masterclass is for you to “unhinge the fullest version of intimacy” within yourself as well as in the bedroom. (Valued at: $450)

Love Legacy Masterclass: This masterclass discusses the 4 control dramas as it relates to conflict management, conscious communication, emotional intimacy and managing your own as well as your partners emotional triggers. Cleaning and clearing the “energy” of your relationship is a huge piece of creating and maintaining your own Love Legacy. This is a profound teaching that will apply to all relationships in your life! (Valued at $450)

Inner vs. Outer Resourcing Masterclass: This masterclass is a trauma informed conversation that discusses the differences of inner vs outer resourcing, self validation, approval addiction, parenting styles, personality traits and defense mechanisms that form during early child hood. (Valued at: $450)

Trauma Bonding Masterclass: This is a dynamic and systemic masterclass that provides insight on how trauma bonding functions in partnership. I discuss specific examples to give the conversation depth as the concept has many nuances. As you watch, I recommend taking some time to discuss how this type of dynamic may be showing up in your relationship so you can shift it together. (Valued at $350)

Masterclasses Included in the Membership:

Imagine being part of a community who…

  • Believe in putting “truth, integrity and love first,” above all else.
  • Are devoted to co-creating an ever-evolving “Love Legacy” they feel proud.
  • Love to have fun, try new things, and learn new ways to nourish, deepen and maintain their experience of “being” in love together.
  • Desire to live a fully tuned in and turned-on life together; emotionally, sexually and spiritually.
  • Enjoy creating space for more ease, peace, connection and flow in their daily lives through ritual, intention & presence.
  • Cherish, respect & support emotional sovereignty at the core of their relationship.

This ^^^ is what all our members inside the Sacred Partners Membership community have in common and if that’s you, then “you are exactly who I am calling into the Sacred Partners membership community.”

The Sacred Partners “Love Legacy” Membership was created for you and I could not be more excited to work with you on co-creating a sacred & conscious partnership that truly THRIVES, year in and year out.

Whether you are in partnership, dating, or looking to create more depth, intimacy or vitality in your love life, the Sacred Partners Membership will profoundly shift the way you “engage in all relationships,” including the one you have with yourself.

My deepest desire is for you to feel fully resourced, supported and dialed into your love legacy as you journey the “duality of life” together!

Sacred Partners Membership is for you if You Are Ready to: 

  • Commit to growth emotionally, sexually & spiritually.
  • Learn different intimacy rituals & connect with your partner in new ways.
  • Establish communication practices that deepen mutual respect, trust and safety.
  • Learn to regulate your nervous system in moments of conflict.
  • Become your partner’s life witness & deepest support for healing.
  • Understand each other in ways you’ve likely never charted before.
  • Get resourced throughout all of life’s transitions.
  • Unbound the full expression of your love and feel met by your partner.
  • Increase erotic flow by exploring the many layers of intimacy.
  • Expand your capacity to hold, give & receive the love you desire.
  • Embody true devotion & curate a thriving love life with very little fallout.
  • Create, build and maintain a multi-generational love legacy that stands the test of time, is deeply fulfilling and devoted to love, itself.

Build A tuned in & turned on Relationship you feel proud of.

Sacred Partners Membership

Sacred Partners Membership

Choose from the 2 payment options below.


One-time Payment for the Full Year


12 monthly payments

Anonymous Couple
Anonymous Couple
March 15, 2018

Dr. Eva is the reason why we were able to overcome some major communication problems and other relationship issues. What we loved the most about her is how she integrates her expertise, research, and experience into her program. Do not expect some overgeneralized relationship advice without focus. Rather, you should expect tailored-made solutions directly addressing and impacting the issues between you and your partner. She will work on every aspect that needs to be worked on and will make you understand the root of your problems in very simplistic form. Her style is very well-structured with clear objectives for the solution to your issues. She is extremely professional, smart, and very charismatic. Something about her inspires trust. Do not wait until is too late, as it almost was for us

Jamie Long
November 5, 2019

I've known Dr. Eva Brown for several years now and I’m excited to write this review. As her colleague, I collaborate with and refer to her very often. I highly recommend her services to couples looking to revitalize their relationship. She provides couples counseling, private weekend intensives, luxury retreats, podcasts and relationship e-course learning programs. Dr. Eva is incredibly warm, funny, smart as heck and down-to-earth. She’s a busy entrepreneur but is never short of energy or positivity. Her spiritedness is absolutely infectious! If you're stuck in rut personally or in your relationship, Dr. Eva will help you move onward and upward.

She’s not your average therapist, Dr. Eva lives and breathes her work. She practices what she preaches and is the Real Deal. Dial her phone number as quickly as you can. Your life is about to change in 3…..2……1.

Brett Gray
November 5, 2019

Dr Eva is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. Her intention to bring people together on deeper levels of love and commitment shines through in every single thing she does. Even the smallest interactions with her reveal that she undeniably loves love. She is a wealth of knowledge, which she delivers with an open heart!

Anonymous Couple
Anonymous Couple
October 20, 2017

"Dr. Eva has been as committed to me and our marriage, as she has proven to us time and time again. She goes so far above and beyond what she's required to do, from her schedule flexibility to spending the time it takes to really work through issues, instead of watching the clock. She is incredibly accommodating and sacrifices her own time to ensure she provides a consistent, effective, and solution focused program. I have grown so much, have more clarity than ever before and cannot say enough great things about Dr. Eva. She is truly a rarity in this field and I will forever be grateful I found her." 


Learn Effective Conscious Communication Skills, Strategies & Techniques

Manage Triggers, Repair and Make Request without Complaining

Ignite Deeper Intimacy, Understanding & Break Through Vulnerability Blocks

Addresses Love Languages, Trauma, Boundaries & Sovereignty in Co-Dependent Dynamics

Manage “Normal” Life Stressors with more Ease, Flow and Grace

Overcome Defensive Escalations & Build Positive Sentiment

Learn about what it takes to Maintain Long Term Love

Develop a Secure Attachment

Break through Multi-Generational Patterns that Don’t Serve

Learn the Science of the Brain & Set New Healthy Standards 

Calibrate what Matters Most to You/Your Partner & More!

Foundational Relationship & Mindset Shifts: 

Relationship Growth Shifts:

Disrepair -> Communication Mastery

Co-Dependency -> Sovereignty

Survival -> Growth

Victim -> Accountability Consciousness

Internal Projection -> Mindful Mirroring

Warring to Healing

Not Enough -> Honoring Self Fully

Blind Subconscious -> Conscious Awareness 

Resistance -> Safe Surrender

Deprivation -> Celebration Culture

Expectation -> Growth 

Destructive Masculine/Feminine -> Grace

The Old Age -> the New Age “THRIVING” Couple

Emotional Shifts:

Right vs Wrong -> Deep Understanding

Invalidation of Self -> Validation of Self & Others

​​Criticism -> Curiosity

Reactivity -> Safety

Irritation -> Empathy

Justification -> Responsibility

​Disrespect -> Respect

Repression -> Fully Embodied 

Defensiveness -> Vulnerability 

Judgement of self & partner -> Sacred Love

Distrust -> Trust

Disconnection of Self & Partner -> Connection

And More!


The sale is final due to the online nature of the content. 

Yes, as long as you are both ready to “go deep” with each other.

We also have many individuals who partake solo and implement the work into their relationship as they take the program. I find that both are efficient and beneficial, solo or coupled.  

100% YES – I love when newly-weds start off on the right foot & set the foundation of healthy relating early!

Yes. There are many individuals who have already taken this program & successful implemented the new practices into their relationship.

Sometimes our partners are not ready for growth, so I recommend getting started solo and then you can share what you learn with your partner as you go. This way they don’t feel pressured and they can generate a curiosity about what you are learning, from you.

Either way, you can implement these principles, strategies and lessons on your own which will help build a healthy foundation for years to come. 

Yes! I love it when seasoned couples join our community because they usually see the upside to the growth immediately, since it’s usually a new growth experience for them! 

Yes, you can take the program solo or coupled.

You will benefit as long as you apply what you learn.

Some of the questions below may help with reflection:

  • If you were to learn new solutions that change the dynamic of your relationship completely, would it be worth it? 
  • If you learn how to communicate more effectively with your beloved, what would be different in your daily life together? 
  • Would you enjoy learning new and exciting ways to connect with your partner?
  • Do you desire to build a solid foundation for your relationship to flourish for years to come?

If you answered yes to these questions, then I’ll see you inside.

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Sacred Partners Membership

Sacred Partners Membership

Choose from the 2 payment options below.


One-time Payment for the Full Year


12 monthly payments


  • All purchases are final due to the online nature of the content distributed.
  • Results are a direct measure of your personal implementation of all teachings, practices & mindset shifts.
  • Any and all recordings or sharing of membership content is strictly prohibited.