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Show Title: Shannon Wasie- 3 Tips For Befriending Your Menstrual Cycle and Liberating Self Love

Shannon is a coach, writer, and mom who specializes in nurturing the soul vision of small business.  She also has a passion for helping women befriend their bodies and has found these two things can go perfectly hand in hand.  Shannon believes knowing our cyclical nature as humans, can help us find our deep soul truth and grow our businesses with sustainable energy that honors our needs for both creation and rest.

Fun Facts:

  • Possibly the best treasure hunting thrifter/craigslister/dumpster diver on the planet.
  • And it turns out, that talent applies for uncovering the treasure in people’s life stories when their lights have gone out as well.

Show Notes:

  • What are the three tips for befriending your menstrual cycle and liberating self-love?
  • Reframe of old ancestral tribes and how they honored the women’s cycle
  • Discussion of how to honor your body, mind, and spirit with the cycle

Contact Information: If you would like to contact Shannon her phone number is (330) 703-9930, her E-mail is shannonwasie@gmail.com, and her website is www.shannonwasie.com.  If you would like to follow her here are her social media handles:



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