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Antia Boyd struggled for years with loneliness, frustration and attracting emotionally unavailable men before she hired a dating mentor, broke through her old barriers and finally had great success meeting her loving, supportive, and handsome hubby Brody! Since Antia knows first hand how difficult it can be to “find the one,” she has dedicated her life’s purpose to helping other women around the globe. For the past 11 years she has helped thousands of single women find the one, without wasting any more time and energy!

She studied Personality Psychology at U.C. Berkeley and continues to enhance her expertise on the current dating culture as it’s always changing! She always makes sure she is on the cutting edge when it comes to dating and how to attract a long-term relationship with the right man! In addition, she has also graced hundreds of stages across the world with her fun, witty, and frank advice! She was even was a guest speaker for Goggle! So cool!

Fun facts about Antia Boyd:

  • Antia is from Germany and met her husband in Hawaii.
  • She has an awesome accent and loves to have fun.
  • And she used to sing in a choir and loves to sail.

Contact Information:

If you would like to contact Antia Boyd her phone number is (510) 219-8825, her E-mail is Antia@AntiaBoyd.com , and her website is www.MeetTheBoyds.com. If you would like to follow Antia here are social media handles:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AntiaBoyd

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/antiaboyd/

Show Notes:

  • Current Dating Culture
  • Dating Tips for Women and what to Expect
  • Who are you attracting?
  • How to attract the one you Want and Keep Them!
  • Be Real, Be Authentic, Be You
  • Masculine and Feminine Energy

Antia is making a generous offer to our Taboo Talk Time listeners by offering a complimentary one on one “find the right love” 20 minute discovery session.  A big thank you to Antia for joining the Taboo Talk Time Family!  Check out the other amazing podcast episodes, therapeutic services, online courses, webinars, and couples retreats are you browse through our site! It is our mission to break through societal norms and unhinge the taboo, while creating a movement towards mental health awareness! Oh! And don’t forget to share the podcast episodes that you love with your friends and family!

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