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The Evolution of Roles: 21st Century Men and Women in Relationships

Susan Block LMFT, LLC, has a successful marriage and family private practice in South Florida. She is the former co-host of the Couples Corner, an internet show about all things relating to couples. Susan is a trusted and valued colleague of mine and I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as I did. Role change for men and women in relationship is such a needed conversation as many couples are struggling with what to expect and how to manage the new role expectations, especially when both are working full time to survive.  Susan also has a few new couples projects up her sleeve so stay tuned!

Fun Facts about Susan:

In Susan’s free time she enjoys all that South Florida has to offer. She loves a swim in the ocean, lounging by the pool, kayaking and strolling through an outdoor Farmer’s Market. Susan believes in the mind/body connection and meditates regularly as well as stays physically fit by running and circuit training at the gym. She loves spending time with her close friends and family. Susan is also an animal rights activist and a bit of a philanthropist.

Show Notes:

  • How have the roles of men and women changed over the years?
  • What are the advantages/disadvantages of these changes?
  • What can couples do to work through these changes?

Contact Information: If you would like to contact Susan her phone number is (954) 675-1936, her E-mail is susanblock1@att.net , and her website is http://coralspringscounselingcenter.com/. Check out her A-Z Relationship Toolbox!

If you would like to follow Susan here are her social media handles:

  • com/CoralSpringsCounseling
  • com/SusanBlockLMFT

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