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The Pit of Mediocrity Married Couples Fall Into

Melyssa Edmunds is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in South Florida and is the owner a very successful private practice, known in the community as The Couples Couch! She specializes in couples therapy and her main theoretical orientation when practicing is emotion focused therapy. She is passionate about educating couples on the value of doing pre-marital therapy before things go down the wrong path, as many couples wait 7 years too long before they go to therapy to learn and grow together! In this podcast she gives great tips to help enhance the marital connection!

Fun Facts about Melyssa:

She is an awesome mom to three lovely boys. She also runs a full time private practice focused on couples work and she is Mormon-converted about 3 1/2 years ago.

Show Notes:

  • Increasing the Martial Connection
  • How to Maintain the Intimacy despite Family Life
  • How to keep Mediocrity out of Marriage
  • Kicking Things up a Notch
  • Your Environment Matters
  • Schedule your Partner In

Contact Information:

If you would like to contact Melyssa Edmunds her phone number is (561) 267-8386, her E-mail is EdmundsLMFT@gmail.com, and her website is www.themarriagecouch.com. If you would like to follow Melyssa here are her social media handles:


twitter: @marriagecouch

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