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Research and Couples Therapy


Couples Booster Sessions (which are typically 4 to 8 sessions) were designed specifically for newly married and seasoned couples who need a bit of a “Marital Spring Cleaning.” I figured we all do a spring cleaning for the homes in which we live, so why not do the same for the marriages we have committed our love and lives to!


The research that supports Couples Booster Sessions is listed below:


Carroll and Doherty (2003) reviewed 13 experimental studies in order to critically evaluate the current research literature and whether the premarital programs available assist couples in improving the overall quality of their relationship.


After conducting a critical literature review of the Carroll and Doherty (2003) review, I found that of the 13 Pre-Marital Programs reviewed (some of which you may be familiar with such as: PREP, RELATE, and FOCCUS) I discovered the following:


1. Of the 13 premarital programs I reviewed, all agree that couples would benefit from further research in the field, especially as it relates to the “LONG TERM” documented effects a premarital program may have on a couple.


2. Based on the findings of the research reviewed, a premarital program/and or couples therapy, that encompasses elements of assessment based inventories and skills training education, tailored to fit a couples specific needs (with a short and long term follow up (ie. Booster Sessions) will be beneficial to the couples short term and long term.


3. Couples Booster Sessions is a significant variable that informs the building of a more comprehensive future premarital program, as it addresses the long term impacts of the program/or therapeutic services offered, rather than just short term.


 4. According to Carroll and Doherty (2003) as well as the review I conducted, couples usually experience the benefits of therapy/and or pre-martial programs for as long a 6 months to a year.

 Result of findings: Therefore, as a result of my research, I have concluded that Pre-martial programs are beneficial “short term,” usually 6 months to a year (Carroll and Doherty (2003) and therefore I have devised a program for couples who are looking for a boost in their relationship. I usually suggest that couples attend Booster Session by yearly and or yearly and the sessions are typically 1 to 5 sessions (1 hour each) depending on the needs of the couple.


Some of the Couples who have attended our Booster sessions reported the following about their experience:

  • Fonder appreciation of their partner

  • Reminisce about how they met and the reasons they first became attracted to each other

  • Set therapeutic goals for their life together as well as individually

  • Experience a customized therapeutic experience to fit the needs of their relationship – this is not a one size fits all program as each session will be designed with your preferences in mind

  • Rediscovered or uncover expectations they may not have had the opportunity to communicate about

  • Reconnected with their partner in ways that they didn’t often experience

  •  Get on track with the goals they set out to experience together

  • Improved communication

  • And much more depending on your unique experience

The idea behind Couples Booster Sessions is that you do not have to be experiencing really serious problems/issues in your relationship to attend. The only thing you would be doing by attending is making your relationship is a priority by ensuring that your lifelong commitment stays in alignment with the preferred dreams, expectations, and life goals you originally started out with. Life is busy and often stressful, and couples are tired by the days end, leaving very little time for intimacy. This wears on a relationship over time and sometimes a little “relationship spring cleaning” is exactly the right ingredient to sustain a lifetime of love and happiness.


You may also want to check out our  Couples Master Communication & Intimacy E-Course and Membership Program for couples that are looking to up-level their relationship, learn, and grow together. We also have a Couples Retreat coming up in September at our retreat center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We would love to see you there! 

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