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Couples Retreat

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Hello! My name is Dr. Eva Brown. I am a Couples & Intimacy Specialist in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. I have been mentoring couples for over 10 years in private practice on how to master communication, emotional intimacy, and sexuality in their relationships. I’m excited that you are joining us for our up-coming “Spring Into Love” Couples Retreat, as I will be hosting the entire weekend and boy, both of you are in for a real treat!

I designed this retreat to be a one-stop-shop for couples to learn, grow, and up-level into the next phase of evolution and conscious partnership in their relationship. I will also be featuring the creme de la creme of sexual healers and teachers at this decadent, entertaining, and educational event. 

It’s time to thrive and surprise your loved one with a bonding experience that both of you will cherish forever. All experiences will be a combination of lecture, group, and experiential/sensory excercises, so dress comfortably. I can’t wait to meet both of you!  

See you there! 🙂

Get Registered Early to Secure Your Spot

Early Registration Special: $1,495.00 

​​​​* After Early Registration: $2,495.00

   Prices are based Per Couple / For Two People.

Please Note: As of now, we only have 9 more spots available for our “Spring Into Love” couples retreat. Bring a capped water bottle and snacks to sustain you, as we will have restroom and breaks throughout the training. Please email Dr. Eva Brown at dr.eva@sacredlifepartners.com or call our office number at 754-245-1424 if you have any questions. Optional: 6 month interest free financing available through PayPal. All sales are Final as we prepare for the event months ahead of time. As a courtesy, we do offer a 3 Day Cancellation Policy from the day of purchase, if needed. * Hotel Accomodations are NOT Included.       

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April 26th, 27th, 28th Couples Retreat Package Includes –

DAY 1 FRIDAY EVENING: Meet & Greet at Dr. Eva’s Retreat Center 15 Minutes Prior to Start Time

Dr. Eva Brown’s Dynamic Weekend Couples Retreat – Tentative Schedule Below:

 6:30 to 7:00 pm Friday Night: “Couples Intention Setting Ceremony” 

7:00 to 8:30 pm Friday Night: *Michelle Alvarez – “Surrender & Release Tantric Breathwork” Workshop

* Crystal Sound Healing Experience & Instruments Included *

 8:30 to 9:00 pm: Music & Pure Romance “Shopping” with Lindsay Maldonado

DAY 2 SATURDAY MORNING: Meet at Dr. Eva’s Retreat Center 15 Minutes Prior to Start Time

9:00 am to 12:00 pm Saturday: Master Level Communication & Intimacy Workshop with Dr. Eva Brown

12:00 to 1:00 Quick Lunch Break & Relax 

1:00 to 4:00 Master Level Communication & Intimacy Workshop

4:00 to 6:30 pm: Dinner & Relax (Recommendation: Eat a “light meal” before the workshop)

6:30 to 6:45 pm: Diana Guzman RAW Poetry Reading 

“10 Minute Break”

7:00 to 10:30 pm: The Art of Sensual Restraint Workshop with *Mia Cara 

(Doors will close at 7:00 pm sharp -please arrive early).

– Full Immersion Workshop (dress comfortably – no loose fitting cloths or jewelry please) –

DAY 3 SUNDAY MORNING: Meet at Dr. Eva’s Retreat Center 15 Minutes Prior to Start Time

10:00 to 11:00 am: Debrief with Mia Cara and Dr. Eva Brown

 11:00 to 12:00 pm: Couples Dance Lesson with Agatha Wright

12:00 to 1:00 Lunch and Relax

1:00 to 1:30 pm: Dr. Stacy Friedman “Sexologist” Guest Speaker 

1:30 to 5:00 pm: Master Level Communication & Intimacy Workshop 

5:00 to 6:00 Cacao Closing Ceremony with Dani La Barrie and Final Take Away’s

*Hotel Accomodations Not Included*

*Dr. Eva Brown’s Retreat Center is located at: 3038 Noth Federal Hwy. Suite F-2 Fort Lauderdale Fl. 33306

couples, therapy, retreatcouples, therapy, retreatsCouples, therapy, retreat

Features & Benefits of Dr. Eva’s Master Communication & Intimacy Workshop

✔️ MASTER COMMUNICATION in your relationship with on point communication strategies and techniques, so you can prevent the #1 divorce predictor of contempt from ever entering your relationship & increase emotional & sexual intimacy in the process.

✔️ Repair from arguments successfully, so you no longer sweep it under the rug – no more blame game or right or wrong!

✔️ Make your partner feel HEARD, validated, and emotionally understood so you can continue to deepen your connection and bond overtime.

✔️ Set your partner up for SUCCESS by asking for what you need, want, and desire so you can reduce conflict upfront, set & negotiate clear expectations…before you lose it! ?

✔️ Get the opportunity to be coached by Dr. Eva during the live event and up-level your relationship with your partner in the company of other couples who are their to learn, grow, and live in conscious partnership.

✔️ Learn all about 65 years of research done on relationship maintenance and the SCIENCE behind what it takes to make love last a lifetime, so you can immediately integrate it into your relationship mindset.

✔️ Create an environment of APPRECIATION and acknowledgment with intention and purpose, so you can deepen the emotional and sexual connection in your relationship for good.

✔️ Increase AWARENESS about your EMOTIONAL TRIGGERS and how to manage them so you don’t have any emotional trigger minefields.

✔️ Take full accountability for what you both co-create and up-level your relationship’s RESPECT so you can thrive together and live your relationship on purpose and with clear intention.

✔️ Get clear on your “emotional” goals for the future in a different way than you ever have before with your loved one! 

✔️ Increase TEAMWORK, build rituals of connection, and be 100/100 Together rather than just 50/50 so you can reduce competition, expectation, and frustration even when things can sometimes get overwhelming.

✔️PREVENT contempt, resentment, and learn to forgive so you can build an unshakable foundation of unconditional positive regard, even during conflict.

✔️ Learn about the reptilian brain, how to request a time out when needed, and the differences between a secure, anxious, and insecure attachment so you can set new relationship EXPECTATIONS.

✔️ Be mindful of your own mirror PROJECTION and learn to invite yourself into honoring love for yourself and your partner –Insecurities Addressed.

✔️Create your own RITUAL DATE NIGHTS & how to make your everyday relationship even more sacred and so much more.

– You’ll Also Be Gifted These Amazing Bonuses –

couples, therapy, retreats

Bonus Gift #1:  You’ll get access to our Master Communication & Intimacy E-course Program as our gift to you, which sells on our site year round for $1798.88.

Valued at: $5,000.

Bonus Gift #2:You will have access to our Membership Facebook Group for 1 year. Every Saturday at 12 Noon EST, I go LIVE within the membership group and I do a workshop for you and your partner to continue to learn well after the retreat.

Valued at: $1200 monthly/yearly 14,000.

Bonus Gift #3: Pure Romance Gift Box, which has all sorts of fun things to 

enhance bedroom play and “keep the fun

at home!” Your gift box will be gifted to you during the couples retreat.

Valued at: $100.

– Couple’s Retreat Testimonials –

retreats, couples, therapy

Dr. Eva is the best! My husband was not on board for coming to a couples retreat because it was way outside of his comfort zone, but I took the plunge for us and we are so delighted we did. We never take time just for ourselves to connect, away from our kids, and we had one of the most memorable and connecting experiences we’ve had in a long time at Dr. Eva’s retreat. To be honest, too long! Our communication and our emotional intimacy is 10x better than I ever thought was possible and our sex life has been so much more connected, which is important for me. Our favorite part of the workshop was the sacred sexuality workshops because we needed some work in that department.  We are planning on going to future events as well for relationship maintence and just for fun. We met so many awesome couples and we actually stayed in touch with a few of them and have all been out together since. 

 Thank you Dr. Eva! 

The Greye’s– Couple

retreats, couples, therapy

About a month ago, my husband and I reached rock bottom in our relationship. I was feeling hopeless and I wasn’t even sure if attending a couples retreat would help. After spending 30 minutes on the phone with Dr. Eva, she recommended signing up for the couples retreat and we did. It was raw, emotional, educational, and such a transformational experience on so many levels that it would take me pages to write it all out. However, one thing I can say for sure is that my husband and I are more connected more than we have been in our entire relationship & we’ve been together for 17 years. My husband and I broke through emotional intimacy blocks we didn’t even know we had and we  learned how to communicate. When we get triggered, we know how to handle it now. Also, the sacred sexuality workshops were beyond awesome as well and my husband was smiling from ear to ear! We have learned how to grow together and we are so grateful to have met Dr. Eva. 

The Lowe’s – Couple

retreats, couples, therapy

My partner and I have been going to couples retreats and doing fun things to enhance our marriage over the past 10 years and Dr. Eva’s retreat was hands down the best experience we have had to date. Why: Beause every single detail, all the way from the gorgeous upscale decorations to the way the entire retreat was ran, was truly a magical experience. When my partner and I walked into the room for the sacred sexuality workshop, our mouths dropped open because we knew the weekend was going to be an epic experience and it was. It was not your typical stale, stuffy, over selling type of event and I loved that. Throughout the experience I was inspired, motivated, and excited to be apart of the flow of the retreat.  Dr. Eva knows how to design, host, and guide you into the next up-level in your relationship in a way that we have not experienced before. I told all my close friends about attending her next retreat and many of them have signed up for her Valentine’s retreat in 2019. We are actually considering attending again because Mia Cara will be there and Dr. Eva raves about her. We met so many couples and we really just had so much fun with everyone. Magic!

The Garcia’s – Couple

– Speakers & Workshops –

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Welcome! I’m Dr. Eva Brown, event host and trainer for this years 2019 Relationship Revolutionaries “Spring Into Love” Couples Retreat.  I have been in private practice for 10 years and have collaboratively established a 93% success rate helping couples recover from multi-generational trauma, infidelity, communication, intimacy and sexual issues. 

I am known for my podcast, “Taboo Talk Time with Dr. Eva” on iTunes and GooglePlay, where I interview pioneering thought leaders who are making a massive impact around the world. The mission of the podcast is to break through societal norms that are no longer serving our communities, to unhinge the Taboo, and increase mental and medical health awareness.

Two years ago, I joined forces with my husband, Paul Burnett, to take my community based practice, worldwide. Together, we lead a tribe known as Relationship Revolutionaries, which is a tribe where couples come to thrive and live in conscious partnership.


We just launched the most comprehensive research based Master Communication & Intimacy E-course Program 5 months ago, which offers a combination of online and live support. You will be gifted this e-course program, which includes a 1 year membership to our Relationship Revolutionaries Tribe group, where we host a live lecture every Saturday at 12 noon est.

couples, therapy, retreats

 Both of you will completely up-level your relationship from the foundation up at this retreat and more, as you will learn how to master communication, maintain emotional intimacy, and practice sacred sexuality in your relationship for a lifetime to come. Our Valentines retreat is fully immersive and experiential from beginning to end, so come ready to have fun, learn, and connect with your partner. 

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Hi! I’m Michelle Alva, Creator of the Alva Method of Rapid Self-Healing. I am a licensed physical therapist with 23 years experience and I am known as a “Chronic Pain To Pleasure Activator.” I integrate Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Sound Healing, Yoga and Tantra into all of my workshops. My clients often go from 9/10 pain to zero in one session, over the phone and or in person. 


My mission is to empower, inspire and educate individuals to be powerful creators and masters at harnessing their innate healing powers. My vision is to shift the Collective Consciousness so we all come back Home to our natural state which is miraculous, brilliant and magical! 

I will be hosting the “Surrender & Release Tantric Breathwork” workshop Friday evening. You and your partner will merge together as one, as I host an educational, fun, and interactive workshop on the art of surrender & release, through tantric breathwork for the evening. You will connect with each other even deeper than usual and experience an up-level in your connection. 

 I will be doing 3 surprise experiential breath work excercises, which will incorporate “crystal bowl sound healing” and many other musical instruments that will be utilized to move the energy of the room, as you lie in the lush pillow and candle lit environment with your partner. This will be an evening to remember, as Dr. Eva knows how to host the most memorable couples retreats in South Florida.  

Both of you will feel rejuvenated after the workshop and you will be ready to take on the rest of the weekend festivities and trainings. My workshop is unique as it reenergizes and gets you into high spirits. This is especially due to the breath work and the oxgenated recovery of the body that will happen during the workshop. Often times, we don’t take the time to breath with intention and this workshop will teach you how to do just that and more. 

couples, retreat, therapy

The evening will be finished off with Lindsay’s fun interactive party and confidential adult shopping afterwards. 

Get a free gift at www.michellealva.com

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Hello! I’m Mia Cara, I’m a couples’ intimacy expert from San Francisco. I help couples reignite and deepen their sexual attraction and chemistry to create a juicy sex life together. I am coming all the way to sunny south Florida to host “The Art of Sensual Restraint: Sacred Sexuality Couples Workshop” on Saturday night!

This workshop will definitely stretch you out of your comfort zone when it comes to intimacy. The idea is to guide you into creating even more masculine and feminine polarity in your sex life by providing an experience that will help you understand each other on a deeper level emotionally and sexually. This also works wonderfully with same sex couples.

Before many couples take my workshop, they sure are curious about the sensual restraint aspect of the training! Because my trainings are all about deepening intimacy and polarity, playing with rope provides a fun sexy tool to quickly learn and experience these energies. We will create a super safe and playful environment all while building trust and connection into your partnership on a much deeper level. This workshop will open your eyes to an entirely different way of understanding sexuality between the two of you that will stay with you forever. 


You will leave the workshop knowing how to create a beautiful environment conducive to any sexy or vulnerable experience, how to create a beautiful evening playing with polarity and sensuality through rope, and how to navigate all the vulnerable spaces that come up for both partners in this work with a much more robust and meaningful understanding of each other. This will help both of you grow together and feel more connected as you immerse yourselves into this once in a lifetime bonding experience. 

You will also learn how to drop into a grounded space together so that your decision to surrender to sacred sexuality is in your body and not in your mind, as we all know we can get into our minds at times, especially when it comes to sexuality. I teach men how to stand in their masculine, while the ladies relax and experience the journey. Many of my alpha ladies, like Dr. Eva (yes, she has been to one of my workshops and loved it), are able to finally relax and experience an emotional/physical safety that most woman only hope to experience in their lifetime. 

Energy is a huge part of sexual exchange and I will help both of you tap into an even deeper reservoir of sensual energy during this workshop. This is truly a unique one of a kind experience that you will have in your memory as one of the most connected evenings you experienced with your partner. The entire workshop is fully experiential, so dress comfortably. Ladies, feel welcome to wear something that makes your feel like a goddess. All workshops are safe, fully clothed, and set up with the intention for couples to connect and learn to create space for a deeper emotional & physical safety within their union. 

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Hi, I’m Lindsay Maldonado! I am a Senior Director, Board of Directors member, and top seller with a sensual sales company called, Pure Romance. I have been in the sexual education business for 12+ years helping women & couples in South Florida enhance thier relationships by educating, empowering, and entertaining them with in-home parties.

Couples, Retreat, Therapy

I am thrilled to be joining all of you at Dr. Eva’s “Spring Into Love” Couples Retreat, as she has invited me to do a 30 minute presentation on some of her favorite products! I will be bringing my mobile store, so you all have the opportunity to learn and shop in a private and confidential environment during this exclusive retreat. Your couples retreat experience will surely Spice Things Up in the Bedroom as I will also be gifting you a surprise “GIFT BAG” full of amazing goodies. Dr. Eva and I have choosen your Gifts wisely! ($100 Value) 

And let’s be honest, we could all use a little bit more Spice in our love lives. As a mom of a beautiful young boy and wife to my loving husband who supports me dearly, life can sometimes get in the way of love making. I know this to be true, as stress is a libido killer! So this experience will surely kick things off right for your Friday night retreat experience with Michelle Alva, as I will be sharing some of our top items for couples to enhance the fun in and out of the bedroom. That way you can “Keep The Fun at Home!” 

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Hello, I am Diana Guzman! I was born in Cuba and moved to United States when I was fifteen years old. As a single mother of two, I pursued the American dream by putting myself through college, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in mental health counseling. I am a Psychotherapist, erotic writer, psychology professor, business owner and an intimacy coach.

I have been writing poetry since she I was fifteen, using it as an outlet to express myself while exploring themes of femininity and sexuality. I often feel inspired by a single word, phrase, or image, which I then births into a fullly expressed poem. I use poetry to stand up for women and to encourage them to use their authentic voice, seeking out their own personal freedom to get to know who they truly are on a soul level.

I believes in allowing our feelings to be fully felt, to be embrace without judgement, no matter if they are good or bad, pretty or ugly. I am an advocate for women’s freedom of expression, their ability to enjoy simple pleasures, and their right to embrace a sexual awakening. I am the founder of Life is Now, LLC which focuses on providing mental health services to help others heal past wounds and create a purposeful, free and passionate life.

Couples, Love, therapy, Retreats

I will be joining all of you at this exclusive retreat to share my newest, best selling book on Amazon, called RAW, which is a book of sensual poetry. Dr. Eva has invited to be do a poetry reading with all of you and I can’t wait to meet all of you. See you there!  

– Resort Accomodations & Recommendations –

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Accomodations In Town

Dr. Eva’s couples retreat center is in the heart of east Fort Lauderdale, just 5 minutes. There are a variety of places for you to stay, including local cottage style homes on the beach, chain hotels on A1A, and Air B & B has many offerings as well. The hotel we find to be the most romantic is the Atlantic Resort, however many of our couples also frequent the Pelican Grand Resort and the W Hotel.

The beaches are a short drive, Uber, or Taxi ride from the hotels located on the beach for your convenience. Daily lunch will be catered while you are at the retreat center. You will have ample time for a romantic dinner by seaside or one of our local retaurants which are located on US1. Bahamma Breeze is one of our favs!  

Feel free to contact Dr. Eva: 754-245-1424


or CouplesSeekingSolutions@gmail.com 

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Our Local Couples 

Of course, if you’re local, you can drive to the retreat daily from your home. Many of our couples opt for driving from their homes to the retreat center, as many of them find it more cost effective. 

If you choose to drive from home, please make arrangements for kids and pets to be taken care of as the retreat on Saturday and Sunday will be an all day event. Please take a look at the tentative itinerary above. 

For those that would like to check out a few different options, here are a few below that are just 5 minutes from the retreat center:

Hitlon Beach Resort:  


The Atlantic Hotel: http://www.atlantichotelfl.com/

The Westin Beach Resort & Spa: https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/flllw-the-westin-fort-lauderdale-beach-resort/

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Private Couples Intensives

In addition, you may also be interested in our weekly couples retreats for those couples who prefer a more private, one on one, intensive therapeutic experience. Many couples choose to attend intensives if they are going through a major crisis in their relationship and or they just don’t have the time to commit to therapy during the week. 

Private couples retreats are held at my office and recommendations for hotel accommodations are available. My therapeutic presence is compassionate, genuine, and professional, which my clients often report fosters a comfortable therapeutic relationship. Feel free to call me for a free 10 minute phone consultation with any questions you may have about my services. Check out our Couple Retreat Intensives page for more information.

– Specializing in Couples Retreats & Intensives –

We are so excited to offer South Florida’s first true “One Stop Shop” for couples who are looking to enhance their relationships and kick things up a notch on all levels!  Couples who attend our retreats are looking to step away from life’s daily grind, to relax, revitalize, and reconnect with their partner in an experiential and didactic learning environment. All of our retreats are high energy, educational, and hands on for couples who love to learn, grow, and enhance their relationship’s bond. Today’s 21st century couple has to be about growth, evolution, and awareness on all levels. You will get a full spectrum sensory experience that will transform & up-level the emotional, sexual, & spiritual intimacy in your relationship for years to come. We look forward to seeing you there!

Couples, Retreats, TherapyCOUPLES, RETREATS, THERAPYcouples, therapy, retreatsCouples Retreat

Ready to Grow Together & Have Fun Doing So?