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Freyja Inanna is a registered nurse and midwife with twenty years of experience in working with women and families through the transformation of birth.  She is an aromatherapist and certified herbalist.  Michael is an electrical engineer and medical equipment technician with thirteen years of study in human sexuality.  They are both Reiki Masters and experienced Integrative Orgasmic Healing practitioners and are actively working to create deep transformation in the areas of healing sexual shame and trauma and shifting society’s views of women’s sexuality and relationship structures.

Fun Facts about Freyja and Michael

  • Freyja is the mother of 13 children and came from an extremely patriarchal and sexually repressive polygamist religious community in Canada.
  • Michael came from a similarly repressive religious society in the US.
  • They now are active teachers and healers in the areas of healing sexuality, shame and creating a shift to restoring the balance of the Divine Feminine Goddess and Sacred Masculine in the world.
  • Michael and Freyja facilitate powerfully transformational healing retreats for individuals and couples in beautiful Costa Rica and are passionate about their work, Integrative Orgasmic Healing.

Show Notes:

  • Which societal norm are you passionate about shedding light on?
  • What taboo topic do you want to unhinge in society and increase awareness about?
  • Do you have any personal experiences you’d like to elaborate about?
  • What makes Integrative Orgasmic Healing different from other modalities?
  • Why Costa Rica as a location for your retreats?

Contact Information: If you would like to contact Freyja and Michael, her phone number is (541) 9213822, her E-mail is trust@inannasanctuary.com, and her website is www. inannasanctuary.com. If you would like to follow Freyja and Michael here are social media handles:

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