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Male Vulnerability – A Personal Story About Coach Hernan A. Cortes

The owner of Global Cortex, Hernan A. Cortes, is a life coach who works tirelessly with his clients to increase their personal and professional power in one on one sessions as well as coaching seminars.  It was an honor to interview Mr. Cortes about his relationship with vulnerability and the growth he has made over the years, especially since many men and women have difficulty with being vulnerable in even intimate relationships.

His up close and very personal story of growing up not realizing or consciously acknowledging the full breath of his emotional experience until recently offers our listeners a great opportunity to think about their own growth and comfort with vulnerability. Mr. Cortes is offering a free thirty minute coaching session for all of our Taboo Talk Time listeners who take him up on that very generous offer!  Visit www.hernancortex.com to learn more and contact him anytime.

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Show bullets:

  • When did you begin to value the shift of allowing more vulnerability?
  • How has being vulnerable changed your life?
  • What has been your experience of the pros and cons of being vulnerable?
  • Vulnerability and Intimacy
  • Emotional acknowledgment and connection
  • Why is vulnerability important and why is it Taboo?

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