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Dr. Eva’s Boot Camp Program

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 My guiding assumption is that all couples commit to each other because they truly do love each other, however sometimes, expectations and dreams get lost to life’s daily stresses that can often wear on a relationship overtime. After more than a decade in private practice working with thousands of couples, I firmly believe that all couples need relationship maintenance because if your not growing together, you are going to grow apart.

It’s a serious truth, but it needs to be said because couples are suffering for years and for no reason. One of the saddest moments for me as a practitioner is the realization that there are strategies, techniques, and communication systems/mindset shifts that work and benefit couples greatly, but many couples are not aware of it and or have not opened thier minds to it because it can be scary to be vulnerable and entrust your greatest love in the hands of another. I get it, but we all have to evolve, find mentorship, and get guidance when it comes to “making love last & thrive” because our society, our families, and our life experiences do not teach us how to maintain love. In fact, often times, it’s just the opposite.  


I have developed a fully comprehensive program that caters to each couples unique relationship needs and offers a variety of tools. My boot camp program has an online and in person component that my couple’s love because they get support in many different ways.  I have developed a Master Communication & Intimacy E-Course and Membership Program that will set the foundational elements of your relationship straight and overhaul the communication and emotional intimacy in the relationship.

You may also elect to come into in person sessions as well, but many of my couples benefit greatly from our online Master E-Course and Membership Program. However, if you are experiencing more intense relationship dissatisfaction, I highly recommend you come into see me. The online program is optional, as couple’s do sometimes choose to come into see me alone, however it is more cost and time effective to do a combination of both in person and online modalities. 


This above program is also coupled with our membership program, which you will be automatically enrolled in once you sign up for the Master e-course program, provides virtual support for all the couples  taking the program as well as 4 additional LIVE video workshops held every Saturday at 12 noon est. This program in and of itself is enough to up-level your relationship but sometimes I recommend in person treatment depending on the situation. I have found that couples often need a communication and emotional intimacy intervention first and then once they get that sorted and under their belt, they begin to create a culture of growth and evolved partnership in their relationship.  Most of our couples end up attending our bigger retreats or visit me for a couple’s booster sessions when needed. My approach is not a one size fits all therapeutic treatment, as the therapy depends heavily on my client’s preferences for change and therapeutic progress.

This program can also be coupled with a weekend Couples Intensive if things are feeling dire in your relationship. I recommend giving me a call so that I can make sure you are getting your needs met. I offer a 20 minute consult over the phone to access your needs and to ensure you make it into the right program. The length of time for each couples intensive is different which makes my program different from many other programs available, as I work collaboratively with each couple to make sure that their therapeutic experience fits with their initial desired outcome. As mentioned, each couple is different, so we would make those assessments together should you decide to do a couples intensive or weekly therapy with me. In the meantime, check out all of our programs, especially our upcoming Couples Retreat coming this February. 


Out of State Clients:

 If you are traveling from out of the state or country to come see me then a couples intensive fits great for the shorter period of time you will be traveling. Please call at least 4 to 6 weeks ahead of time to schedule your therapeutic intensive so that I can ensure my availability during the dates you are traveling. 

Couples Retreat

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