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Fertility: Top 3 or Nothing Habits Keeping You From Losing Weight

As a dietitian, Chris Shuff  helps couples avoid this all or nothing mentality, so they can succeed with increasing their fertility, conceiving naturally and build a family together. Chris Shuff is laser focused and solution oriented in his work and really makes you feel comfortable and at ease; especially since weight for women is such a sensitive subject for many. Listen to our interview as he talks about the top 3 or nothing habits that keep us from losing weight!

Fun Facts:

  • If it’s a board I can ride it. Surf boards and wakeboards are my specialty.
  • From the time I was a kid I wanted to be an architect because I thought it would be so cool to design buildings and cities that made a lasting effect on the world. Then, I took a nutrition class in college and realized I wanted to leave a lasting effect on the world by helping people improve their health and their life.

Show Notes:

  • How can people help avoid the all or nothing mentality when pursuing their fertility and health goals?
  • What are the three biggest all or nothing challenges your fertility clients face?
  • How do people get in touch with you?

Contact Information: If you would like to contact Chris his phone number is (352) 258-9185, his E-mail is chris@loveandfirenutrition.com, and his website is www.loveandfirenutrition.com. If you would like to follow Chris here are his social media handles:




Taboo Talk Time Offer: Every few months, including right now, Chris is running a special where he offers 50% off his nutrition counseling packages for couple’s who are willing to share their future success stories about beating infertility with nutrition. He is also offering a short guidebook about “Nutrition Tips to avoid the all or nothing mentality” – To get this information visit, www.loveandfirenutrition.com/allornothing.

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