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What is Conscious Partnership?

How many of you are “living in conscious partnership?”

Where are my Relationship Revolutionaries at?

Love and relationships are not perfect, not even by a long shot.

But that’s what makes Long Lasting Love so fulfilling.

It’s about…

  • Going through the ups and down together

and weathering the, sometimes, stormy seas of life.


  • Going deep and doing the healing work to come out not only more in love with your partner than you’ve ever been, but also more in love with yourself.


  • Living in conscious and awake partnership is about shedding the old paradigms that no longer serve you or the relationship.


  • Holding space for your partner even when they may be triggered or not showing up in their “chosen” highest expression of self.


  • Long, deep, growth oriented conversations and talks about multiple perspectives.


  • How you both honor and respect each other’s thoughts and ideas.


  • Validating and understanding your partner rather than knowing it all.


  • Love, not about Ego, but certainly managing the Ego.


  • Knowing your own triggers and taking responsibility.


  • Being selfless at times and other times it’s about your self care. Or both!


  • Laughing, remaining humble, and living life in joyful flow and love; more often than Survival.


  • Acknowledgement and appreciation and most importantly, support.


  • Priortizing your love life together and making it a priority hell or high water.


  • Traveling and experiencing life together.


  • Going into the wild nature of your souls desire.


  • Sacred sexuality, breath work, romance and passion that never dies… because the two don’t allow it to.


It’s about the details.


  • Awareness.


  • Team work and Collaboration.


  • Freedom to be who we are individually and collectively.


  • Rock solid communication systems and repair techniques.


It’s about True Honest Real Love and maybe, a little psychology!

It’s about all of this and So Much More…

Let’s be real.

Let’s all live in Conscious Partnership.

Let’s all be Relationship Revolutionaries! ❤️

I’d love to hear what living in Conscious partnership means to you?

If you’d like to learn more about our Master Communication & Intimacy E-Course Programs and or our Couples Retreats here in south Florida, then please call or email me.


Abundant Blessings,


Dr. Eva Brown Ph.D.

Couples and Intimacy Specialist


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