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Dr. Eva Brown Ph.d.

I offer services for individuals, couples & families who want to get resourced, grow & ultimately live a more peaceful, flowing, aligned and joyful life together. My services include podcasts, online accelerated growth programs, couples retreats, private weekend intensives, women’s circles, 1 on 1 coaching & private therapy services. My team & I are happy to answer any questions you have about our programs or our high touch private offerings. Check out the rest of the site & call us anytime!

Private Couples Coaching & Therapy Services

My private coaching suits individuals & couples who are ready for deep level growth on all levels; consciously, emotionally, sexually & spiritually.  If you would like to become a private client & you want to work on your relationship as a couple, I recommend that you are both highly committed to your relationship’s growth due to the depth of the work we will be doing together. The work I do with individuals & couples is not for the faint of heart, so make sure you’re feeling ready for the journey. Being hopeful and willing to create the necessary changes is all that is needed for couples to benefit. Most of my couples hit a stride point at around the 3rd or 4th session, so keep that in mind in terms of the overall process. If you want to learn more foundational, rather than tailored for you, mindset shifts, strategies & solutions for growth than you may be interested in our Sacred Partners Monthly Healing & Growth Membership Community, Group Masterclasses or our Accelerated Online Learning Programs.

What To Expect: When I begin working with new clients, I recommend at least four to six 75 minute to 90 minute sessions that are weekly and then I usually move them to bi-weekly, to maintain steady growth. The only time I would recommend a different approach is if my couple & I believe it’s best to make sure they are supported weekly. This may be due to a situational occurrence that needs more attention & healing or it could simply be that the couple wanted to be more resourced. Many of my couples are busy on the go entrepreneurs who have made growth & maintenance a top priority in their lives, so they enjoy the weekly meetings to make sure they are living in alignment with their life & relationship goals.

The biggest time investment is at the beginning which may help when planning your own schedule and expected time investment. My private clients are also gifted my 90 Day Renew & Restore Program as well as the accompanying 90 day couples workbook, as part of the work they do with me. I recommend that my couples take the online portion, along with our private sessions, which has proven to be the most effective for my clients overtime.

My couples love knowing that they have a neutral party in their corner at all times, who’s vouching for their relationship’s highest and best potential. I always tell my couples that the only side I take is the side of their relationship’s best interest. All of my client’s know that I care about them and I am deeply honored by the significance of the love they share & the lives they are building together. The therapeutic relationship I have with my client’s is very special to me & I value that relationship by taking my work with them seriously. If you are ready to work together privately, please call me anytime.

Private Couples Retreat Intensives

I offer intensives to couples that want to do intensive growth work over a weekend’s time. We would start Friday evening, Saturday for 3 to 5 hours & Sunday for 3 hours.The amount of time scheduled for these intensives are done on a 1 to 1 basis over a 20 minute phone consult with me, ensuring the best fit your unique needs. It’s best to call a month in advance to make sure my schedule can accommodate you.

I recommend this offering if you are looking to do a lot of work in a small amount of time and you both are going through something that requires more attention & focus. Intensives are also suitable for very busy couples, as these intensives are normally held over the weekend due to the time commitment for the couple. However, it can be arranged during the week as well. Otherwise, my 1 on 1 90 minute services, online programs, group masterclasses and or our Sacred Partners membership community may be a better fit. Check out all that we offer for individuals, couples & families and please feel free to email or call anytime for more information about my process.

Sacred Partners Monthly Healing & Growth Community Membership

I have always wanted to create a community membership program where couples could continue to grow year after year.   A community where couples can learn, grow, connect, have fun  & most importantly, get  supported!

I believe one of the biggest problems that couples face is being under resourced. It’s well known that getting support for business on multiple levels is the key to success & the same goes for getting a nanny to help with household duties, as most families have a 2 income household these days.

I’ve always wondered why it wasn’t more mainstream for couples to get support in navigating life together?!

I mean they have infinitely more life complications, emotional & financial ties, multiple roles, stressors, life transitions and beyond. Think of your own personal life & the many nuances you do on a daily basis and you’ll see exactly what I mean. This has become especially so for the on the go, 21st century, technological advanced society that we live in today.  My couples often share how glaringly obvious it was for them to get support, especially when they finally experience getting resourced & held in a safe, professional container, as they journey through the up’s and down’s of life together.

I’ve always known I wanted to help couples live a fully tuned in and turned on partnership that was thriving on all levels, not just surviving on some. I also know that couples want more for themselves and their partners when it comes to love, romance and life long partnership.  Connection is the most important element of our lives, yet so many suffer in disconnection, isolation, anxiety and depression.

It’s time for that to change & I can’t think of a better way to support couples annually than through our monthly Sacred Partners Healing & Growth Community Membership.  Individuals and couples who desire to live a partnership that is thriving on all levels – consciously, emotionally, sexually and spiritually – are the best fit for our low cost membership offering. The majority of couples that have worked with me directly, end up joining our membership program to keep maintaining “consistent growth, fun & connection” over time. Are you ready to join Sacred Partners Membership Community today? Click here to Sign Up Now.

90 Days To Renew, Restore & Revolutionize Your Relationship

This is my grass roots program that was developed for couples that are brand new to growth work & want to become a more conscious, aware & connected couple on all levels. For couples who are ready to learn the foundational & essential non-toxic communication habits that are needed to begin the journey towards becoming a conscious & sacred partnership, this program was designed for you.

All of my work and programs are backed by research as well as my own private work over the past 12 years, which currently maintains 15,000 hours of deep 1 on 1 couples work.

Be ready to have some deep level healing conversations that will broaden your understanding of yourself, each other & highlight aspects of your bond that will illuminate your relationship for many years to come.

This program will also teach you about breath-work & meditation, as I have recently uploaded new sound healing’s to help you & your beloved integrate all that you are learning in your body, on a cellular level. I recommend you take 1 module a week, consistently, over the course of the 3 month online program. When you enroll, make sure to download the 90 Day Renew & Restore Couple’s Workbook so you can track your progress.

Luxury Destination Couples Retreats 

We offer bi-annual couples retreats in the United States and South America. These retreats are luxury destination retreat that usually are 5 to 7 days, all inclusive. Our retreats range from $5,000 to$10,000 per couple, depending on the destination, accommodations and local activities as the retreat is experiential in nature. We hold 2 sacred celebratory ceremonies with amazing music, experiential connecting activities & romantic dancing which couples often say is the highlight of their week together. We also host daily teachings, meditations, sound healing’s & yoga so you’ll have plenty to do, but we always recommend that our couples disconnect from the group & spend quality time together as well.

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