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Therapeutic Philosphy

I utilize a collaborative approach that seeks to create new possibilities and opportunities for change to occur in the lives of my clients. I believe that every situation, emotion, and challenge makes sense within the context of an individual’s life narrative. I therapeutically acknowledge my client’s will to make the desired changes they want to embrace throughout their therapeutic journey. I do not believe it is necessary to re-traumatize or resurrect pasts hurts in order to create real systemic and long lasting change, although there are times when my client’s relationship with their past invariably changes as therapy progresses. The intent and ground work of my solution oriented approach works to uncover past successes, strengths, and presently oriented goals, leading my clients to the preferred solutions that empower, enlighten, and transform their lives.

I am influenced by a constructionist perspective, which highlights that all realities are valid and make sense within a given context. As a result, one of the key elements to my practice is creating a curious driven and non-judgmental rapport with each one of my clients, ensuring that my client’s feel respected, supported, and comfortable. You may find your therapeutic experience to be freeing as we work to collaborate and reconstruct the cognitive meanings you have attached to your life experiences, all while maintaining a certain level of curiosity and mischief. Taking charge of life and endeavoring into uncharted territory, known as “going to therapy” for the first time may be daunting. The dominant discourse in certain regions of the United States promotes personal and professional growth and some do not. Fortunately, you are in an area where personal and professional growth is promoted widely and therefore seeking out therapeutic services may not be as difficult.


Certainly though, there is always that moment of ‘I can figure this out on my own!’ And quite rightfully, I believe and know that is a possibility, although sometimes no matter how intelligent we are or  how hard we try, the solutions tried are not working out like expected. The dilemma with the distinction of ‘I can figure this out on my own’ is that therapists are not actually in the business of ‘giving advice.’ We are in the business of assisting clients with creating the desired changes ‘they wish to make’ by collaboratively and systemically orienting their resources and strengths to a whole new dimension of thought, creativity, and possibility. Essentially, you can think of therapy like advanced systemic brainstorming with a therapeutic and healing edge. The key to creating long term systemic change is making sure that your goals fit within your preferred lifestyle, so that taking ownership of your change is easy and fluid. My personal and theoretical philosophies favor a mindful, self-examined, and relational foundation for which my therapeutic approach evolves and continues to flourish. I am committed to reshaping my therapeutic craft with each new therapeutic journey I take alongside each of my clients. 


With constant attention on issues of equality, fairness, and diversity, along with a profound capacity for collaboration, the possibilities for my clients to become comfortable and experience change are endless. I am passionate about maintaining a therapeutic practice that promotes evidence based therapeutic models of treatment that are up to date with the best postmodern and brief therapeutic practices available. All of my clients can rest assure that I will work diligently and humbly to ensure that their overall therapeutic experience is both meaningful and challenging; thus creating a dynamic  journey that can be experienced as fun, collaborative, and growth oriented. Please contact me at any time to begin your journey towards personal and professional growth.


For the purposes of ensuring that my therapeutic services fit for what you are looking for, I offer a 20 minute free phone consultation. Please take advantage of this offer at your convenience, as it is my goal to provide you with the most supportive, comfortable, respectful, and inviting therapeutic experience possible.

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