The Sacred Partners Quiz

Take Your First Step in Developing a Fully Tuned In and Turned On Relationship

Find out what type of couple you are & how the 5 stages to conscious relationship mapping can serve your relationship

Unlock the Roadmap for thriving Lifelong Love

The Sacred Partners Quiz + The 5 Stages to Conscious Relationship MappingTM will provide you with a highly customized roadmap to thriving lifelong love. The Sacred Partners Quiz is a research informed measure of “healthy relationship dynamics” so if you’d like to save time and get clear on your relationship goals then I recommend taking the quiz to get you started.

What you will get: I will send you an email with your quiz results, a breakdown of the 3 types of couple’s dynamics and gift you access to the “5 Stages of Conscious Relationship MappingTM” Mini-Course which will provide valuable insight on where to begin as well as map out your growth journey together.

Insights that You Will Uncover:

 Get clarity on where to begin the growth journey together.

 Set individual and couple’s goals for what you’d like to dial in.

Gain insights on how to map out the growth process from a relationship expert and save precious time, money & frustration.

Understand the “5 Stages to Conscious Relationship Mapping™” and how it can serve your relationship.

Have fun and enjoy the process of building your relational health and awareness together!

Set the Groundwork for Your Growth Journey as a Couple

Identifying what type of couple you are is important to recognize before taking the growth journey together because it’s helpful to narrow down the areas you would like to improve in your relationship. Taking the Quiz will help you assess exactly what type of relationship dynamic you are in. The quiz I created for you is research-informed and is a helpful measure of “healthy relational dynamics.” This quiz serves as a time saver and road map for where to begin the growth journey together!

The Story Behind  the Sacred Partners Quiz & the “5 Stages to Conscious Relationship MappingTM”

When my husband, Paul and I got married we had no idea where to begin “growing together.” Life was busy! I was getting my PhD and starting a full-time private practice while Paul was running his restaurant. We barely had time for a movie night together, so let’s just say we were enduring life & we didn’t even know it, which was interesting to recognize in hindsight.

We were young, very much in love, the best of friends and had no clue on how to create, maintain or nourish long term love. We were stuck in the vortex of “habit forming love” experiencing real life stress a few years into our marriage and that’s when we realized we were a bit in over our heads.

Many disagreements and unhealthy projections later…we finally took the plunge into creating a lifestyle where our relationship was #1, above all else. We got serious about our relationship and intentionally prioritized our love life together. In hindsight, I wish I understood the “path towards growth as a couple” more clearly from the very beginning. It would have saved Paul and I precious time, money, and frustration.

We had no protocol, structure or map for how to create a securely attached, emotionally intimate partnership or how to manage differences except for the ones that were modeled by our respective family systems, and they were both vastly different. There wasn’t a whole lot on the internet in the world of relationship health back then so we just worked on communication to start, even though after many years of working with couples, that’s not actually where couple’s should start.

There is a lot that goes into conscious communication integration and had we known that “trauma & trigger awareness, nervous system regulation & accountability consciousness” was the pre-work, we would have been able to calibrate to the kind of relationship we have today, much quicker.

Turning towards your partner, getting resourced together and allowing the love you share to teach you some of the most beautiful lessons life has to offer…is the first step.

My personal experience as well as all the couples I have had the opportunity to serve, is why I have dedicated many hours (20+ thousands of direct client-to-client hours) cultivating the methodology I use throughout all my work today. 

I call it “Conscious Relationship MappingTM” and it’s a beneficial “road map” that helps couples understand where, why and how to walk the growth path with more love, peace, ease, flow, connection and efficiency. 

I have an in-depth, nuanced, trauma-informed perspective of how the foundation of conscious and sacred partnership is developed, co-created and maintained overtime. 

My vision, mission and desire is to “walk with you” on a journey towards developing a deeply devoted, fully tuned in and turned on, conscious & sacred partnership that just keeps getting better, year after year. Shall we begin?! 

Ready to Grow Together & Have Fun Doing So?