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Show Title: The Grand Couples Summer RESET!

Sabine Messner helps people create a business that is a direct expression of their purpose. To be of service in your greatest capacity and design your own lifestyle is an incredibly enriching and rewarding experience on all levels and she calls that Soul Purpose Wealth.  However, there’s an intricate art to creating your own evolutionary economy, and that’s where Sabine shines.  She activates your multi-dimensional potential and then assists you in translating it into a well-grounded and executable business vision, complete with a sophisticated brand and online positioning strategy so you can go out into the world and succeed.

Fun Facts:

  • Danced on the Berlin Wall right in front of the Brandenburger Tor the day it came down
  • Spent a night in a snowstorm at 15,000 feet elevation in the Andes Mountains in South America
  • Since her early twenties, she frequently hears that she looks like Meryl Streep
  • Trained in Shotokan Karate at Rocky Marciano’s boxing studio in West Berlin and Muai Thai Kick Boxing at Ken Shamrock’s Lion Den in Scottsdale, Arizona


Show Notes:

  • Let’s dive into the death/rebirth – summer 2018
  • Ground into mother nature & spirit
  • Multi-dimensional & Higher Connection
  • Realign, growth, and rest
  • Tapping into your intuition
  • 6 Planets in Retrograde – We are Feeling it.

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