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The 3 Types of Couples Dynamics – Our Personal Journey

In this episode, Paul and I have a very intimate “ego-shattering real talk” about our personal journey through the “3 Types of Couples Dynamics” over the past 15 years of our marriage. We share it all! Our journey is not for the faint of heart which will most certainly “normalize” what many of you may be experiencing in your relationship. We discussed our stuck points and how we moved through them together, so there are 100’s of gems that come through in this podcast for you to contemplate & consider integrating with your partner. Our hope is that you feel inspired to grow together into an ever-evolving, fully tuned in and turned on conscious partnership. We recommend listening together!

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The Sacred Partners Membership is a great place to start as it covers all areas of growth and evolution, no matter which couple dynamic you are currently in. My membership is for individuals or couples who are looking to create the opportunity for more nuance, depth, and devotion in their partnership: mind, body, heart, and soul. All my teachings will guide you and your partner through the growth process so you can create a beautifully tuned-in and turned-on, conscious & sacred partnership. 

Some of the major areas of focus are depicted in the graphic below so you get a good picture of what’s in store. I have created a “Conscious Relationship Mapping” guide for my clients so they can navigate the 5 main stages of growth with clarity, efficiency, and ease.  

The 5 stages below will build on each other throughout the membership program and range from beginner to advanced integrations. 

  1. Trauma Awareness & Discovery 
  2. Personal Growth Accountability 
  3. Conscious Communication Mastery 
  4. Emotional Intimacy Rituals 
  5. Sacred Sexuality 

The membership is designed for couples that desire to learn, grow, explore, and integrate into new levels of love and connection!

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