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Megha Bradley- 3 Secrets to Awakening Your Spiritual Birthright to Complete Happiness!

Megha Bradley has won coaching awards and the Suzanne Evans 2015 coaches’ choice award, but her real accomplishment has been in healing emotionally from 10 years of incessant sexual abuse as a child (being taken as a “second wife” at the age of 9), transcending a near fatal car accident that shattered both of her hips and rendered her unable to walk in 2014 and finding the emotional grounding to heal what lead her to making 3 marriage choices that came from a place of fear and unworthiness.

Fun Facts:

  • I was unschooled until age 11
  • I am a lefty
  • I know how to milk a cow
  • I love wine, dance, and dark chocolate


Show Notes:

  • Top 3 Secrets to Increased Happiness
  • Tapping Into Spirituality
  • Finding Peace Within


Contact Information: If you would like to contact Megha her phone number is (615) 892-4848, her E-mail is megha@higherhumanity.com, and her website is www.meghasuccess.com. If you would like to follow Megha here are her social media handles:



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