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Angie Hungerford- 3 Simple Steps Towards Human Connection

Angie Hungerford is an amazing human being who has founded her own volunteer non profit and has built schools in Uganda and Africa currently supporting 437 children. Recently, Angie volunteered at a refugee camp in Bangladesh for 2 weeks and has since then opened a clinic to support people in those areas. We discussed her view of humanity and how we can collectively make a difference through her 3 simple steps towards human connection.

Fun Facts:

  • Learning tarot
  • Practices Tibetan Buddhism

Show Notes:

  • What IS the human connection?
  • How does that relate to your day to day life both personally and professionally?
  • What we can do everyday to make a difference.


Contact Information: If you would like to contact Angie her phone number is (503) 998-2450, their E-mail is angie.hungerford@gmail.com, and her website is www.buildingforchange.org or www.sotheycanthrive.org.


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