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What You Will Learn From This Master Program:

Secret #1: 

How To Repair &

Maintain Connection,

even during conflict!

Secret #2: 

How To Increase Intimacy, 

Deepen Connection

& Appreciation! 

Secret #3:


 How to Discover & Manage Emotional Triggers & Lower Defensiveness like a Pro!


 in your relationship with on point communication strategies and techniques so you can prevent the #1 divorce predictor, CONTEMPT, from ever entering your relationship!


  Learn how to Repair from arguments successfully so you no longer sweep it under the rug – no more Blame Game or Right or Wrong!

Learn how to make your partner feel HEARD, validated, and emotionally understood so you can continue to deepen your connection and bond overtime! 

  Learn how to set your partner up for SUCCESS by asking for what you need, want, and desire, before you lose it!  

Learn all about the 65 years of research done on relationship maintenance and the SCIENCE behind what it takes to make love last a lifetime.

Learn how to create an environment of APPRECIATION and acknowledgment with intention so you can deepen the emotional and sexual connection in your relationship for good. 

Learn how to take full accountability for what you both co-create and up-level your relationship’s RESPECT! 


Learn how to increase TEAMWORK, build rituals of connection, and be 100/100 Together rather than just 50/50!

Increase AWARENESS about your emotional triggers so you can learn how to manage them and how to take accountability! 

Learn how to PREVENT contempt,

resentment, and learn to forgive; building unconditional positive regard

even during conflict! 

Learn all about the reptilian brain and how to request a time out when needed as well as the differences between a secure, anxious, and insecure attachment – set new EXPECTATIONS!

Learn how to be mindful of your own mirror PROJECTION and learn to invite yourself into honoring love for yourself and your partner –Insecurities addressed!  

The Top 3 Relationship Killers Below

Killer #1: 

Not Repairing

after a Fight!

Killer #2: 

Contempt & Lack 

of Appreciation!

Killer #3: 


& Lack of Respect!

60 years of research shows two main differences between happily and unhappily married couples which are:

 1. They successfully repair the emotional

connection after every argument. 

2. They are 5x more positively acknowledging than unhappily married couples. 

This program will provide a complete tool kit so you can both become MASTERS at communicating with each other.

60 years of research shows that for

 every 1 criticism, a couple needs to say 5 more positive acknowledgments to

outweigh just 1 criticism or attack; which means couples do not have much room for error during communication. 

Overtime, the connection can start to

dwindle & eventually the #1 Relationship

Killer, Contempt, will begin to surface

 if effective communication techniques 

strategies are not learned.

Lastly, not taking accountability for your

own emotional triggers is a breeding

ground for unfairness in any relationship.

This leads to a lack of trust, respect, & connection over time.


have seen this happen with thousands of couples over the 10 years I’ve been in private practice and the solution is to learn how to maintain respect and fairness during communication, especially when making a request for change and repairing after an argument.

Extra Bonuses & Program Support

Exclusive Members 

Only Facebook Group:

 Couples that visit me weekly at my private practice pay $300 to $500 per session and you will have access to me every Saturday at Noon on our members-only exclusive Facebook Group,  so you can ask any questions related to the communication and intimacy e-course program you will be taking with your partner, which is a savings of $1200 a month. 

Of course, this program does NOT

replace medical or mental health therapy but it is going to give you all the 

techniques, strategies, and mindset shifts you need to thrive

 for decades to come. 

This e-course program was designed

 for the busy, on the go, couple because

you can take this course anytime,

anywhere in the world.

Many of my couples try to binge watch the course like a Netflix show, but I recommend taking your time and implementing everything that you learn slowly so you can get the full benefit and integrate all the strategies, techniques, and mindset shifts over time.

3 Role Play Videos: 

(Valued at $500)

You will also have access to our 3 Role 

Play Videos, which we sell exclusively

for $500 at our couples retreats and you will have access to it as our gift to you when you take the E-Course Program.

 You will be able to watch all three videos as part of the program so if you are visual learners it will be an effective way for you to bring all that you have learned into your relationship with ease. 

The role play videos illustrate how to repair the emotional connection after an argument which is so key to relationship maintenance.This is in addition to the

other 26 modules in this E-Course Program! 

We look forward to working with you and making sure you are supported on our exclusive Facebook group. Our goal is to ensure you get the most out of our program. 

Be Apart of our Relationship

 Revolutionaries Tribe:

As a part of our Relationship

Revolutionaries Tribe you will get deep discounts on all of our LIVE couples events. You will also be the first to get access to all published articles and our new Podcasts before everyone else does, and be a part of a tribe of couples who are their to cheer you on & support your relationships growth! 

I provide massive daily value on our

exclusive Facebook group where I give relationship tips & ideas to help you with relationship maintenance well after you have taken the e-course program. You’re a Relationship Revolutionary for Life! 

 We also host South Florida Retreats & workshops as well as Destination Retreats around the globe for couples to unplug, reconnect, and go deeper into their connection. We hope you will Join Us! 

It’s time to Thrive!








As a professional who works closely with Dr. Eva Brown, owner of Couples Seeking Solutions, I would highly recommend her therapeutic and consulting services. Eva is extremely passionate about her work and fully committed to making a positive difference in her clients lives. She is collaborative, energetic, compassionate, and innovative in her work with clients struggling with a variety of presenting problems. Her strengths-based therapeutic approach is highly effective!” -Dr. Kate Campbell, LMFT

“Dr. Eva Brown is one of the most passionate and energetic therapists! She is extremely interested in supporting couples reach their fullest potential and her programs are sought after by many. Dr. Eva’s enthusiasm for her work is contagious and shows in the relationship she forms with each client. She is hard-working, determined and professional!”

– Dr. Corinne Scholtz, LMFT 

“Dr. Eva Brown is a highly professional and competent marriage and family therapist whose therapeutic services I would greatly recommend. Her extensive training in therapeutic approaches for enhancing relationships and resolving intimacy issues are well-regarded. Dr. Eva is passionate about her work in helping couples achieve their relationship goals. As a mental health professional and colleague of Dr. Eva, I respect her solution-focused approach to therapy and admire the enthusiasm she undeniably adds to her successful practice.” – Dr. Heather R. Violante, Psy.D. 

“Dr. Eva is an amazing therapist who works with couples and individuals struggling with any/all relationship concerns. I have thought of Eva as not only a trusted colleague, but a mentor as well, as she is a skilled & knowledgeable therapist to learn from. I highly recommend her, and will always be confident when referring to her. You cant go wrong with Dr. Eva!” – Jamie Ratowski 

“I highly recommend my colleague, Dr. Eva Brown. She does excellent work with couples and is a relationship expert. I refer to her often! Personally, she is energetic, easy to talk to and a fun person. You can’t go wrong with Dr. Brown!” – Dr. Jamie Long

“Dr. Eva Brown is an empathetic, energetic therapist. The enthusiasm that she shows for her clients makes me proud to know and recommend her. I recommend Eva without hesitation as a colleague and fellow psychotherapist.” – Dr. Denise Fournier 

“Dr. Eva is a colleague I know in trust. She works amazingly with couples and is an expert. She has an upbeat personality and provides competent and quality care to the people and couples she works with. I highly recommend her and will continue to do so.” – Katie Lemieux 

“Eva Brown, LMFT is a self-aware and insightful clinician. She is collaborative and authentic. Always look forward to working with her.” – Dr. Borda

“Eva is a caring, passionate, genuine therapist who is skillful at helping couples and families find solutions to their troubles. As a long-time colleague and friend, I can say I recommend Eva to help those seeking relief from their distress.” – Illiana Luna 

“Dr. Eva is the reason why we were able to overcome some major communication problems and other relationship issues. What we loved the most about her is how she integrates her expertise, research, and experience into every session. Do not expect some overgeneralized counseling without focus. Rather, you should expect tailored-made counseling directly addressing and impacting the issues between you and your partner. She will work on every aspect that needs to be worked on and will make you understand the root of your problems in very simplistic form. Her style is very well-structured with clear objectives for the solution to your issues. She is extremely professional, smart, and very charismatic. Something about her inspires trust. Do not wait until is too late, as it almost was for us.” – Anonymous Couple

“My partner and I have been seeing Dr. Eva Brown for couples therapy on and off for about 2 months. I cannot imagine a better guide through what started as an impossible journey for us. Dr. Eva helped us to recognize and address “old wounds” that had kept us from achieving the level of intimacy we both craved. She has helped us understand and appreciate one another on a new and healthier level, and our commitment to one another and the therapeutic process is becoming stronger as a result. My individual therapeutic experience has been a significant contributor to my personal growth. We highly recommend Dr. Eva Brown to any lesbian couple, or any couple for that matter, serious about making a positive change in their relationship.” – Anonymous Couple

“I’ve sought counseling on and off over the years in my journey to better understand myself and my personal challenges. I came to Dr. Eva when my marriage was in crisis and have never been more committed to therapy. In the past, I’ve been known to “therapist hop” because the relationships I had with my therapists never really “clicked” and I wasn’t quite sure why. After my very first session with Dr. Eva, it was clear to me that she was passionate about her career and seemed far more interested in and dedicated to honing her skills than a considerable amount of therapists I’d seen in the past. But the main difference was immediately sensing that she genuinely cares about her clients.” – Anonymous Couple

“Dr. Eva has been as committed to me and my marriage as I’ve been to the therapeutic process. She has gone so far above and beyond what she’s obligated/required to do, from her schedule flexibility to spending the time it takes to really work through issues, instead of watching the clock. She is incredibly accommodating and sacrifices her own time to ensure she’s providing consistent, effective therapy. I have grown so much, have more clarity than ever before and cannot say enough great things about Dr. Eva. She is truly a rarity in this field and I will forever be grateful I found her.” – Anonymous Couple

“I never thought I would be writing a testimonial like this, especially since I never believed “therapy” would work. I was skeptical from the beginning, as my wife encouraged me to come with her. I thought talking to a stranger about our problems was so weird. I just wasn’t into it, but I promised my wife I would try it once. I even came into the first session with a bit of an attitude. Dr. Eva was able to make us laugh and surprisingly opened me up to the process during the first session. I remember sharing with my wife, on the way home from the first session, that “this might work!” Dr.Eva is solution focused, frank, and genuine all at the same time. She doesn’t pull any punches with either of us as she always said she was on the side of the relationship, no matter how many times I tried to get her to believe that I was in the right. Actually, I learned that there is no such thing as “right or wrong” in our relationship, that we all have multiple perspectives that are valid. I’ll remember that forever.” – Anonymous Couple

 I have created this E-Course for couples around the world because over the past decade in private practice, I have seen the same old communication patterns show up consistently. What I have found is that the lack of emotion centered communication is a cultural and systemic issue seated in the belief that vulnerability is a weakness. The truth is, our parents and the society at large just didn’t teach us how to effectively communicate in an intimate relationship and so globally couples are just in the stage where they don’t know what they don’t know. I was in the same exact boat myself before I became a couples and intimacy expert as I fell into the same pitfalls many couples find themselves in at my practice, especially when it comes to effective communication and overall emotional & sexual intimacy maintenance.

Unfortunately, when it comes to maintaining intimacy and connection in a romantic relationship the overriding societal norm of vulnerability being a weakness couldn’t be further-est from the truth. In fact, vulnerability is the key to emotional intimacy and deep connection. This thought process paired with making an adjustment in “how” you communicate as a couples can literally not only prevent your relationship from present or future demise, but it will equip you both with the mindset, techniques, and strategies needed for you both to thrive in your relationship.  I have used the same exact methods over the past 10 years in private practice and have  a 90% success rate of couples increasing overall awareness as well emotional & sexual intimacy in their relationships.

The saddest moment for me as a therapist is the realization that not every one is going to make it into my office, as research shows couples wait 7 years too long before they get any type of relationship enrichment, which is unfortunate because the 21st century couple needs enrichment more than ever otherwise the majority of couples will become stuck, complacent, and continue the same old emotional intimacy & communication patterns of their respective parents, which is often not effective 

The truth is that the majority of our families (mine included) did Not Teach us how to Maintain Intimacy and Romance in our Relationships, however, the good news is that learning how to develop and maintain a close and intimate connection in our relationships can be learned. Over the past 65 years pioneering research has been done on the Science of Love and Relationships which can help enlighten us and inform different patterns in our emotional evolution as couples and as parents to our future generations.  

Maintaining Love is now a Science!

Many of our family systems have raised us in the right or wrong paradigm or the “because I said so” mentality and that’s all fine and well when it comes to instilling values and morals, however the con to that parenting style is that it does not take our “emotions or feelings” into consideration. In fact, many of us were raised without anyone asking us “how we feel” about something never the less make us feel heard and understood emotionally. 

So this “right and wrong” style of communication, which I like to call “political platform communication,” follows us into our adult relationships and when it comes to intimacy and romance, this type of right and wrong “political platform” communication poisons our love quickly and replaces it with “contempt;” which according to research by Dr. John and Julie Gottman is the #1 sign of impending divorce.

When you fight in the right or wrong paradigm or use “content or thought” as opposed to a “feeling focused” dialogue the conversation can quickly escalate or be shut down because neither party is not actually listening or connecting, they are just trying to “prove a point or be right” about something.  This Master Communication & Intimacy E-Course Program will solve this issue and so much more.

 It’s time to Thrive, not just Survive! 


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