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Mission Statement

Why does my practice exist: I help guide couples towards emotional attunement and repair;  to help them heal, reconnect, and enhance their overall physical and emotional intimacy. My goal with every client is to normalize the human experience and to inspire increased personal and relational awareness. The 21st century couple is all about living in conscious partnership. My vision is to be a change agent for a more emotionally aware and vulnerable community.


My Mission: Many people struggle with emotional vulnerability and our relationships and society are suffering because of it. It blocks the human experience from being truly normalized in our communities and replaces it with superficial connections within ourselves and others, stacking the “perfect picture” expectation as our societal goal rather than authenticity.


This is counterproductive to human connection and love, both personally and relation-ally. There is a trend towards authenticity on the horizon and that agenda is very important to me. Increased emotional awareness, vulnerability, authenticity, and human normalization can serve as a tipping point towards healing and connection within ourselves and our relationships. There are pros and cons to vulnerability and emotional safety is paramount, but in general its a movement towards more personal authenticity within our relationships and in our beloved communities. Check out our Mission Statement below.


Why: Building awareness and enhancing both personal and relational love as well as authenticity is my passion!


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